Who The Fuck Is Jeremy Bursich

If you have no idea what I'm talking about... this is good, you are among friends.

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The album is on Spotify, so give it a listen, lemme know what you think. Thanks :)

Nov 3

modernizes asked: hi :) i posted my fifth video on YouTube and I posted it on tumblr! it's the "how to get a boyfriend" :) If you could, could you check it out? if you like it, could you like, comment, & subscribe? xx it would mean the world to me, it's my dream to be a YouTuber! have a lovely day :) <3 so sorry to bother you xx

Yea sure, I’m always up for helping out a fellow YouTuber. I just posted my newest music video. If you would, please do the same. Thanks so much :)

Oct 29


My new sounds


My new sounds

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